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Seen at SuperDrive: @projecteileen

What’s up Superdrivers 🏁. Launching a new regular feature on the feed - Seen at Superdrive.

SuperDrive is what it is today because of YOU. Y’all show up and show out, every time. One of our goals has been to promote positivity and togetherness within the community, in addition to showing outsiders what car culture is really about.

We are excited to launch this new segment, highlighting a member of the community and their ride. And it don’t discriminate. We are interested in all types of builds - daily driver, track car, garage queen 👸🏻 , project car, you name it. If you are seen at a SuperDrive event, you may be featured here!


For this week, meet Vince and @projecteileen (IG). Check out the full interview on the @superdriveofficial Instagram page!

FRSH: What's up Superdrivers. I'm here with Vince and his Pandem e46 Sedan. Vince, what got you into this platform?

VNC: Cousins growing up. They're all into the early 90s tuners back in the day.

FRSH: What is your one favorite thing about this car?

VNC: The one favorite thing is my custom e46 sedan Pandem kit.

FRSH: What is one thing you have planned for this year for your car?

VNC: This year? I'm gonna think I'm gonna do some Recaro seats. That's the only thing I'm able to do this year.

FRSH: That's gonna set it off even more even though it's already pretty dialed in. And, where can people follow you on social media?

VNC: Follow me at @ProjectEileen or @levelupvisions.

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