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Super Impromptu Touge Run

Set out with the homies for an AM touge run to clear the mind, body, and soul. With a break in the rainy weather, now was a perfect time. Hyped that a lot of the boys were able to come thru.

We even met someone new along the way. Shout out to fellow touge runner @cbr.tris for catching some cool footage of us rolling out (check it on his IG). Roads were clear most of the way, just a bit gravelly. We came home with a bunch of new rock chips that day. But well worth it.

And what better way to end the morning than a stop at one of our new favorite coffee shops.


What do you think. Should we run back the AM SuperDrives?


Run back the AM SuperDrives?

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  • 0%Not interested

Photo credit:, @freshFL5

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