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Super Install Day: FL5 Spoon Head Cover 🥄

What's up SuperDrive fam. I'm here with an update on the FL5. This week's focus is on the engine bae. And I went to my friends over at @private_garage_916 to take care of the install.

If you don't already know, @private_garage_916 is a mobile & shop based mechanic serving the Sacramento and Solano County area. They can handle things from routine maintenance, installs, engine builds, you name it. And if you can't make it to their shop in Sac, they can come to you. A huge plus for me when the work/family schedule gets crazy. They service a wide variety of makes and are deeply rooted in the local motorsports and SuperDrive community. Huge shoutout PG!

Originally, I was scoping out a big install day with multiple parts that would make a difference in looks, sound, and performance. But you guys are probably aware of Murphy's Law and how it applies to modding cars (anything that can go wrong, will). So between shipping delays and fitment issues with some of the parts, I'll be focusing just on the Spoon head cover for today.

And that's not a bad thing. The Spoon head cover in yellow is an amazing piece to add to your engine bay. Their signature yellow brings a smile to my face every time I pop the hood. If you can't tell, I am a huge Spoon fan - this and future mods will show that. Their history in the motorsports world is deep. And philosophies of attention to detail, track proven performance, and blending clean styling with functionality is second to none.

As far as the install, it was just another day at the office for @private_garage_916. Some bolts off, cleaning surface and applying new honda bond. Then putting it back together. There’s a lot of YouTube videos out there for reference (the FK8 install is identical).

With that said, there is no performance gain from this part. Essentially, it’s an oem Honda cover that's cleaned and painted by Spoon. And since the oem cover is plastic, the paint can chip easily, so be careful!

So is it worth it for ~$700 USD shipped? It depends. This is definitely one of those 'get it because you like it' mods. You could remove and spray your oem cover. Or just leave it alone altogether. Personally, it transforms the engine bay in a huge way. I love the yellow, and love the authenticity of it being a Spoon part. It's almost like the rep wheel vs. real wheel debate. Reps will serve most people well. But having real wheels just hits different.

Another thing at the back of my mind is doing a full Spoon catalog build. It isn't in the plan right now, but having these parts will set me up in the future if it goes that direction. But that's a blog for another day.

Thanks for tuning in! ✌🏼

📸: _@hkcr_

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