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Super LNY 2024 🐲

Wishing everyone happiness, good fortune, and good health. SuperDrive's annual Lunar New Year event didn't hold back in celebrating the festivities - Complete with a dragon dance, firecrackers, local vendors, and SD's official pop-up shop.

Always some cool merch that comes out of these events. SuperDrive went hard this season with the Carhartt drip. But what caught my eye were their keychains. I had to cop.

I'm in awe of how massive this cars & coffee event always is. Builds ranging from the modest daily, classic gem, and show car slide through.

It's tough to really see everything unless you make an effort to thoroughly walk the area. And it's a HUGE lot. So I keep it casual and leisurely stroll the meet, while catching up with folks along the way. Luckily there are a lot of photographers, videographers, and creators roaming around too. Peep the @superdriveofficial IG account for the collab posts. You guys out there are SUPER talented. Keep it coming!!

Behind every build, there's for sure an interesting story. Owners out here are welcoming, and it's great to chat with familiar and new faces. Which brings me to a topic of future blogs. It would be cool to feature YOU and your rides on here. A feature made for the community, by the community. What do you think?


Community SuperSpotlight

If you are interested in having your story featured on this blog, I'd love to hear from you. DM me on Instagram. This can be as detailed or casual as you'd like. Where did your love of cars come from? What is the story behind your build? What's your favorite coffee spot? (Hint: 18 grams coffee is a correct answer). I'll look for volunteers at the meets too. Hope to chat with you guys over coffee at a future event ✌🏼

That wraps it up for another SuperBlog installment. I'll close it out to say: Respect one another and keep moving forward.

Happy LNY 🐲


📸: @cre8tiv.tim, @freshFL5

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