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Super Spotlight: Level Up Visions

Pictured above: @levelupvisions hood prop

Gonna be honest (and it's pretty obvious), my FL5 isn't show car status. I'll be enjoying some Spoon parts here and there, with that Spoon tax to go along with it 💰. But something like a "catalog" build isn't aligned with my goals for the car. I'll leave that to the ballers out there.

So why would someone like me need hood props or door props? I'll tell you why. But first let me introduce you to Level Up Visions.

@levelupvisions is a laser engraving business located in Northern CA. The owner Vince is no stranger to the car show scene, and rocks an absolutely stunning Rocket Bunny Pandem E46 (check out the build on IG: @projecteileen). He can engrave on acrylic, wood, water flasks, mugs, etc. His specialty lies in making dope hood, door, trunk props and event trophies. Fully customizable, he can level up your vision to reality.

s/o: @tunerbae for this photo 🤩

Something I never knew I needed

So back to the question: Why a hood prop if you're not in the show scene? Simply put, it enhances the presentation of your car at meets and other events in a number of ways. And it just looks cool AF.

  1. Hood props hold your hood partially open, about 18-24". This creates a much improved aesthetic. You can see the engine bay goodies, but the hood isn't all the way up hiding the profile of the car.

  2. They give you a space to shout out your sponsors, supporters, club, or team. It's also a good spot to place your social media handles if you don't want to do a sticker on your car.

  3. Besides shouting out sponsors, these props are a canvas to express yourself. Want something Naruto themed? Panda themed to match your ride? @levelupvisions got you with a fully customized design.

  4. Easy to install. Vince customizes it to fit your specific hood latch design. You can further secure it with zip ties or dress up bolts/nuts.

  5. You can also add on a multicolored LED, that is a nice touch at night.

So to sum things up. You don't need to be competing at Wekfest, Spocom, and the like to rock a hood, door, or trunk prop. At a casual meet or cars & coffee, they are an easy and fun way to enhance the aesthetics of your car.

ICYMI: @levelupvisions is running a hood prop giveaway, ending the evening of 3/1/2024. So head over to their page on Instagram and enter!

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