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SuperBlog - FL5 Series vol 1: Wheels

Welcome back to the blog y’all. A question people ask a lot (probably every car person gets this) is: What wheel specs are you running?

And there’s no shame in asking. It’s one of the best ways to find out, especially if you’re new to a platform. Buy once, cry once.

Back in the day people searched car forums. It was an organized way of sharing info. While still around and utilized, they’re definitely not as saturated with information as they used to be. Nowadays, people are spread out through endless social media platforms. That's just the nature of IG, FB, X, etc. When the wheel bug hit me, I used it all - to search around and DM folks until I decided on the wheels and specs for me:

Volk TE37SL (Blast Bronze)

18 x 9.5, +38

Locally I was able to find a set. Huge shoutout to  @eric.fk8 and @systemmotorsports. I’ve had no regrets since.

Are TEs played out?

That’s a comment floating around. Admittedly, I’m a TE fanboy. I’ve run them on my past cars for years. They’re timeless, have JDM quality and engineering behind them, and I love how they look. Saying TEs are played out is played out 😆.

The same can be said for bronze. It’s been popular for a long time. It contrasts great with most car colors. Gives the car an aggressive yet classy look. It isn’t too dark and won't get lost in photos, especially in low light.

Why 18s?

On the FL5, 19x9.5 wheels are what come from the factory. And I have to say they are pretty damn sexy. Definitely keeping mine and running them from time to time.

However, 18” wheels on the FK8 (and now FL5) platform has been a proven go to for a few reasons. The smaller size saves weight and gives you better/cheaper tire options. The slightly taller tire sidewalls will better protect the wheel and be more comfortable without feeling floaty. The 9.5” width gives you room to fit meaty tires, and the +38 offset gives you a properly flush fitment.

+45 and +35 are other common offsets. But it really comes down to your choice of tire size and suspension setup. 45 would be the safest to go with if you don't want to take any chances.

Before anyone says 18s look too small. I’d argue that it depends on your suspension and tire setup. With a decent drop and proper tires, it looks right on the money imo. Also keep in mind that tire sizes between brands can also be slightly different. A 265/35 continental and a 265/35 falken can vary in width a noticeable amount. I'm currently on 265/35/18 Continental extremecontact DWS 06+. At my ride height, I might be able to get away with 275s. 285s could require more camber or fender modification.

All in all, the trio of wheel specs, tire size, and suspension should be considered together when planning out your build. So take your time, do your research, and ask questions to those around you before you dive in. Most car guys (and girls) love to share their journey and what they’ve gone through ✌🏼.

📸: @_hkcr_ , @freshFL5

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