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What is SDG1? It stands for Superdrive Giveaway One, yes this is official for us and it's a first! We couldn't be more excited for this pivotal project. Over the past few years we've experienced unimaginable growth in popularity and we've created a solid community of enthusiasts and supporters. This project signifies the love for the iconic JDM cars and what better way to thrive and grow Superdrive other than pivoting into a scaleable project and providing the community that supported us a chance to win our very own poster car, the Honda S2000.

Our SDG1 project is now underway as we revamp our S2000 and take it to its final form. Now in the final stages and almost in completion. Our giveaway launch will be announced very soon.

Our giveaway goal is to continue reinforcing the positivity within the car community. By opening a chance for enthusiasts to win an iconic JDM car builds camaraderie and togetherness in the culture.

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